General Terms Effective September 20, 2019: This professional web services agreement is entered into from the first payment date for a product or service provided by Mesa Multimedia (we, us, our) and you (the client, content owner, credit card holder). We may change or update these terms at any time and you agree to receive notifications of changes via email at which time you are encouraged to review and contact us should there be any concerns or need for clarification.

Monthly Subscription: These “Month to Month” agreements begin and end with each month payment based on the day of purchase. Neither party is obliged under any ongoing contract. The client or purchaser of service is free to cancel this arrangement at anytime. Conversely, Mesa Multimedia will take off line any site or supporting add-on product that has a past due payment of 7 days. Mesa Multimedia reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone for any reason. Each recurring monthly payment is considered acceptance that services previously rendered by Mesa Multimedia including web hosting, add-on products, design, and content updates have been of acceptable quality and standard. Refund requests will only be considered for the previous month of service. Subscription pricing and plans may be reviewed and updated from time to time, at which time you will be notified of any changes that might impact your service.

Liability and Indemnity: The client agrees that Mesa Multimedia and it’s associates/affiliates may not be held liable for loss of business, income or any damages that may be incurred related to the operation or non-operation of their website, domain registration, eCommerce, or other products and services that have been provided. Furthermore, the client assumes all responsibility for the accuracy of content published with their approval including but not limited to: pricing or discount offers to customers, product or service claims, copyright privileges, etc.

Ownership Web Site, Code and Creative: Client understands that they are “renting” a web site and code base created, maintained and owned by Mesa Multimedia with all rights reserved. Downloading and repurposing html or css code or prepared digital assets including optimized images, edited or newly created video and specially prepared graphics is not permitted at any time. Neither you or a web developer/agency will attempt to copy the design, repurpose the code, or re-engineer the site on another server or platform. The client is understood to own and have rights to publish all creative and content provided in it’s original state to Mesa Multimedia and agrees to indemnify us against all claims to the contrary.

Ownership Domain(s): Pre-existing domains remain the property of the client under the terms established with the active registrar. For the purpose of development, domains may be secured by Mesa Multimedia. Domains purchased on the behalf of an active client will be offered the option to purchase the domain for their own portfolio.

Third Party Services and Customizations: Third party services, programing functions and design modifications not explicitly specified in the terms of the monthly plan may be available through our hourly billing option. Contracts, support and fees for third party services are not the responsibility of Mesa Multimedia.

Hourly Billing: Pre-paid hourly work retainers are available at a rate of $60/hr billed by the minute.